“I wanted a solid defense and with Dan Marquez, that is exactly what I received.”

“When I was charged in the military, I was in the depths of despair.  I realized that no ordinary Defense Counsel would do, so I requested Individual Military Counsel, free from influence of the chain of command.
I wanted a solid defense and with Dan Marquez, that is exactly what I received.  He instantly gave me hope upon meeting him.  He is down to earth, knowledgeable and is there for you and you, alone; not himself or other interests.

Throughout the trial, Dan provided a redoubtable defense and carried wins with motions to assist with trial.  I would recommend him any day.  He is there for you not only legally, but also personally.  He was and is an intrepid force in my life even to this day.  He did so much for me that some days, his efforts seem impossible to fathom if you were not there.  I will forever be grateful to him for his efforts as a defense attorney, an open ear and as a friend.  If you want a fearless and tenacious defense attorney, Daniel Marquez is your man!” –I.D.

“From start to finish he used his well-rounded knowledge in law to help me in my situation.”

“I found myself between a rock and a hard place. I have never been in trouble and did not know what to expect, but when Dan was appointed as my lead defense attorney I immediately knew I was in good hands. From start to finish he used his well-rounded knowledge in law to help me in my situation.

He kept me informed through the whole process, so that I never didn’t know what was going on or what could happen. With me being in pre-trail confinement he took time out of his day to come visit me, to keep me posted on the trial, but also to talk to me like a human. I cannot say enough to what he has done for my family and I and I know I have a lifelong friend!”—D.F.

“What sets him apart is that you are treated as a human not just another case or a number…”

“Mr. Marquez is a rare breed—someone who a few sentences cannot not do justice to his abilities nor to his character. His relentless effort as my lawyer were unmeasurable and could never be repaid. I would never second guess the choice that was made to bring him onto my case. What sets him apart is that you are treated as a human not just another case or a number, you’re a person and to him your life matters. You will never second guess your decision to put your life in his hands”. —J.S.

“After 2 1/2 years of court hearings, the case was completely dismissed…”

“When I met Daniel I was facing some charges that could’ve severely changed my life in a negative way.
These charges had a maximum punishment of life in prison. Daniel looked over the case and reassured me that the case would been an easy win, despite the fact that it seemed like an uphill battle. After 2 1/2 years of court hearings, the case was completely dismissed and I was able to continue with my life, with my family, and my career.  Words cannot describe how thankful I am for what Daniel was able to do for my family and I.”—G.M.

“My family and I owe a great debt to Daniel Marquez.”

“I’ve been a U.S. Marines for almost 18 years, during this time I’ve served four combat tours, have been highly decorated for my achievements, and received a Purple Heart from actions in combat. Despite my honorable service, in September 2009-November 2013, I would be placed under investigation and eventually go through a General Court Martial for a crime I did not commit. 
While righteously professing my innocence, I volunteered for a polygraph, turned over all documents pertaining to my case, went through a thorough pretrial (where my case was recommended to be dropped) and remained cooperative throughout, in hope of a quick resolution.

Regardless of my efforts, I was subjected to a hostile and vindictive environment in which further threats of legal action (for noncompliance), humiliation tactics, and daily reprimands were commonplace, all seemingly because I would not agree to any plea of guilt. My charges would go from 4 to 29 as my Court-Marital date came closer, majority of the new charges had nothing to do with my initial investigation. This hardship was difficult in its own right, but was compounded by the injury I was recovering from, successfully creating a ruinous environment for my family and I. The diligence and preparation of Daniel Marquez would be instrumental in the reduction of such unwarranted actions and the outcome of not guilty on all charges.

As a matter of fact, I received an apology from the jury members for what I went through. 
 As a Marine I abided by our ethos of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, sometimes my faith would falter, but Mr Marquez’ display of these ethos encouraged my personal strength.  Daniel Marquez represented me professionally and with dignity, his calm demeanor in the courtroom coupled with attentive preparation is attributed not only to the successful outcome of my case, but as an inspiration to succeed afterward.  His strong demeanor is complimented with intelligence and honesty. He is an articulate representative that will coherently define your position and command justice, two things that will bring comfort to any uncertain situation. 
My family and I owe a great debt to Daniel Marquez.”—A.M.R.

“Daniel is one of the most caring, kind, genuine, hard working, highly motivated, and driven persons I’ve ever met.  He definitely goes above and beyond for his clients…”

“If you find yourself looking for an attorney chances are you are going through a difficult situation. I personally felt vulnerable and I felt like the world was coming down on me. I got several recommendations from friends and family but what set Daniel Marquez apart from the rest is his genuine desire to help you.  The first time we spoke on the phone I was amazed that he took an interest on how I was doing and feeling as a person rather than just wanting to speak facts about my case.  Here we had never met in person and he was already encouraging me and letting me know that we would get through this together, and he kept his word.  I needed an attorney that genuinely cared about the outcome of my case since my career was on the line and that’s definitely what I got with Daniel. I never once felt like I was just another case number for him.  He fought for me like no other and he worked diligently to get me the best offer I could possibly get.  I will forever be grateful to him because he made this rough chapter in my life bearable and he encouraged me every step of the way.  Daniel is one of the most caring, kind, genuine, hard working, highly motivated, and driven persons I’ve ever met.  He definitely goes above and beyond for his clients and if you like me find yourself needing someone to fight for you, Daniel is hands down the person you need on your side!” —B.R.

“Daniel Marquez was a prosecutor’s biggest hurdle in the court, making them work harder for even the seemingly effortless conviction…”

“It was St Patrick’s evening and I had just returned home from a 40-day training exercise in Bridgeport, California. Anyone can tune into ESPN, and every-so-often hear about elite athletes that dominated the game, lose it all because of one bad choice. I never thought drinking games on an Irish holiday could possibly be my last taste of freedom, but let’s just say that NCIS is now my least preferred show on cable.

I was completely uninformed about the process of investigations. I figured justice would be served, because a detective will crack the case so I began telling interrogators everything I remembered, hoping I could assist in expediting my release so I could sleep. After sitting in a room with three cameras, hungover and hungry, I unintentionally made my first smart choice that day, when I terminated the remainder of the interrogation. When asked to speak to a lawyer, the NCIS officer questioned me, making it clear once JAG was involved, I couldn’t return to make further statements. I immediately drove over to Legal on base where I had met Captain John Ferriter.

My lawyer had this other friend on defense. His name was Captain Daniel Marquez, and he would come through and listen in on my case from time to time. He was so relaxed and sitting in on his hearings, I watched as he dominated with powerful rebuttals and closing statements.

Daniel Marquez was a prosecutor’s biggest hurdle in the court, making them work harder for even the seemingly effortless guilty conviction, but he was this completely approachable person with this positive personality, and completely dedicated to each of his Clients that he represented as their defense attorney. Even though my lawyer was great, the two communicated strategies so well together that I had no hesitation when I asked Capt. Daniel Marquez to join Capt. Ferriter in defending my innocence.

The two killed it on my big day, and nearly 6 months after the incident, when a unanimous not guilty verdict was awarded in my favor, both of my Jags smiled at me, tears of joy, as both of their arms wrapped around my shoulders in the most comforting r pats on my back. I walked out of that courtroom, not in a pair of cuffs, and still an NCO. I walked home to my barracks and got the best night of sleep in my life.

They defended my future. They prosecutor’s job was to convince a group of jurors, that I was not only guilty, but a threat to society. Five years after Daniel Marquez literally saved my life from being destroyed, I was able to earn a psychology bachelor’s degree, graduated in the top fifteen percentile among other classmates at a California State University, awarded congressional recognition, and recognized by a Legislative Assemblywoman for continuous community engagement working with veterans in the area, also I became a member of two honor societies, interned in an intimate partner violence credential program, and continue to work towards my career as a grad student at another university in Malibu.

I trusted my original JAG, was introduced to Daniel Marquez through observing him in action while preparing my trial, and immediately knew I could trust his advice and let my team deliver a fight that had left me the opportunity to carry out my future plans once again.”—T.F.

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