Veterans Administration Claims

After fighting for your county you shouldn’t have to fight for your benefits.  You have earned compensation for your service-connected disabilities.  If you feel that you have been denied benefits wrongfully, then you need help fighting for what is yours.

Not just any attorney can handle your VA compensation claim, they need to be accredited and admitted to practice before the VA.  Attorney Daniel A. Marquez is an accredited VA attorney and he can help you with your case at all levels, to include:  VA Regional Offices, Board of Veteran’s Appeals, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and Federal Court, if necessary.

Simply filing your initial claim for benefits can be a daunting task.  You may not even know if you are entitled to benefits without the assistance of a VA-accredited attorney.  In recent years and even in recent months there have been substantial changes to the VA claims process.  You need an advocate that is up-to-date with these changes and that can help you when you have been denied a claim for any number of compensable disabilities such as:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Physical, Psychological and Cognitive Disabilities
  • Agent Orange Exposure
  • Disability caused due to Physical Assaults
  • Loss of Limb or Use of a Body Part
  • Severe and Chronic Back Injuries
  • Visual and Auditory Impairment

This list is not exclusive.  There are many injuries that you may have sustained in-service that entitle you to compensation.  The most important factors that need to be presented to support a successful claim are:

  1. You must be currently suffering from the disability;
  2. There must be evidence that the injury or condition leading to the disability occurred, or a pre-existing condition was aggravated, during service or shortly thereafter; and
  3. You must be able to demonstrate a connection between your current disability and the injury, condition, or aggravated pre-existing condition that occurred during your service.

The VA claim process can be long, complicated, and frustrating but a VA attorney can help you develop your case, navigate you through and prepare your for the process ahead.  The Law Office of Daniel A. Marquez can help you with:

  • Reviewing your claim and the strength and weaknesses of your case for appeal
  • Coordinating independent medical examinations to obtain medical evidence to support your claim
  • Obtaining any other evidence necessary to support your claim
  • Synthesizing, analyzing, preparing and submitting all of the evidence and appropriate VA forms in support of your claim
  • Preparing your for medical appointments and hearings
  • Personally representing you at all VA hearings

If you have been denied compensation for your service-connected disabilities then do not be afraid to fight for what is yours.  The Law Office of Daniel A. Marquez is here to help you WIN that fight.  Contact The Law Office of Daniel A. Marquez immediately and ask Dan to take a look at your appeal.  Your initial consultation is always free.




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